Logistics is the activity that aims to manage the physical flow of goods, and the related informative, customs and financial data. Logistics aim to make the resources available corresponding to more or less determined needs the expected quality of service and the safety and security conditions deemed satisfactory while respecting the economic and legal conditions provided.


D.T.International has a warehouse located at Combs-la-Ville 77380 in the Paris region.

Our platform allows e-commerce to spend less time in their logistics management while keeping a maximum of control. It will allow you to stay focused on growing your sales, keep your expenses under control and deliver your customers on time.

We take care of the reception of your merchandise by carefully controlling the actual quantity and quality of its packaging. The receptions are well planned and processed quickly to ensure that your products are available for sale as soon as possible.

We also offer different storage plan depending on the type and rotation of the products on rack, shelf or hanger.

According to our standard processes, our order pickers will integrate your specificities (packing, wedging, packing, delivery note, etc.) during specific events such as Christmas, New Year's Eve or even during internal events in your company. We can personalize gift-wrapping, word printing, specific process packing and any other request according to your wishes. Our flexibility will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, better realize your e-commerce and marketing ideas, and to perpetuate your inter-company exchanges.

We propose you a transportation services adapted to the French market requirements (standard, express, relay point, parcel cabs), as well as intended for the international market.

We catalog regularly in order to know the state of the stocks and to correct any discrepancies that may occur. 

The mastery of the entire supply chain enables our experts to quickly identify the cause of a delivery incident and to resolve it.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our sales representatives who will analyze your needs and propose an offer adapted to your expectations.