D.T.International is a high-performance transport and moving company for individuals and professionals who put their skills at your service.

We provide you with a team of professional movers, both qualified and meticulous, who can take care of all operations. We will help you determine the solution that best suits your needs, according to your budget or other constraints.

You can further count on us for a storage service (attics, cellars, etc.) and the rental of furniture lifts, nestable ladders and other materials you might need.

Thanks to our online volume calculator, you can instantly obtain a first estimate of the volume of your moving in France and abroad.

Once D.T.International receives your request, one of our experts will contact you to determine the exact characteristics of your moving.

We will then determine and offer you the best "value for money" solution. Efficiency, performance and speed are the qualities that we put at your disposal to carry out your project. Should you need, we also sell moving materials such as cardboard boxes, adhesives, tray trolleys, etc.


International moving involves complex logistics. In addition to the operational part, it is necessary to respect legal aspects so that the transported objects cross borders in a secure and efficient manner.

D.T.International takes care of all customs formalities. With our offers for professionals and for individuals adapted to international moving, you are certain to be fully satisfied.

Moving by sea: D.T.International uses 20 ', 40' or 45'HC type containers and works with several ship owners under existing agreements. The advantage of maritime transport is that it can take charge of all types of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.) 

Moving by air: D.T.International works with several airlines to ensure that your belongings are delivered safely. Therefore, air transport is the fastest and the most efficient transport but associated with higher costs.

Moving by land: D.T.International organizes your moving by land outside of France by providing all the necessary legal and practical handling support to make sure that your belongings are delivered safely, swiftly and without extra headache to the destination country at designated location.

Each client has a third person liability insurance that protect his belongings and himself. 

We work with several insurance partners who can cover you in any risk covering your personal property during your national and international moving.